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Authentic Arabic™

Arabic language teaching program

About Authentic Arabic

What is interesting about the Arabic language is not that it has 255 million speakers or that it is the spiritual language of 1.6 billion people. It is the fact that it has 60 words for “Love”, and over a hundred words for “Camel”! I’m not sure why we have so many vocabulary for these two words in particular. Would it be because we assumingly love our camels that much? You probably know by now that not all of us have camels here in Qatar, and we definitely don’t ride them to work! Nevertheless, the Arabic language is an interesting language and it is worth learning, especially if you’re living here in Qatar right now.

So, take the opportunity to discover the Arabic language with us at Authentic Arabic - a project of Inspire Me. We won’t have a chance to teach you all 60 words for love in our 3 months program, but we promise to teach you very useful vocabulary that can come in handy when you’re in any kind of situation and wish you did study Arabic. Learning the Arabic language is also a good investment for your future, whether you want to learn it for fun, or for work or school, especially that you’ll have a unique experience at Authentic Arabic, which you might not find in any other language center in Qatar.

The reasons why you’ll have a unique experience with Inspire Me’s Authentic Arabic project are many. The first reason is that we have a unique location. Inspire Me is located at the Pearl, which is a lively place with beautiful views and pedestrian areas. Our office is situated at Qanat Quartier which many nickname it “Mini-Venice”. What is even better is that you can have some coffee at any of the nearby coffee shops, or have a relaxing walk by the sea canal only minutes after you finish your class. Authentic Arabic has a unique ambiance. Studying surrounded by creative and encouraging quotes and colors will influence you to keep learning and growing. The Inspire Me team are very welcoming and approachable. They will motivate you to continue learning, because of a simple fact, which is: our team genuinely care about every single student. Teaching at Authentic Arabic is not work, it’s a mission in life.

Our qualified teachers’ main concern is that the student, and teacher will work according to your individual needs to reach your personal goals. Our teachers have selected the most appropriate textbooks and resources to provide you with maximum benefit based on 10 years of experience in the field of teaching Arabic as a foreign language in Qatar. Another important advantage is that our class’ timings are flexible and a student can choose between weekdays or weekend classes, according to the student’s own schedule and availability.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with the student adviser to learn more about our program, or call a representative anytime you like to see for yourself how learning at Authentic Arabic is truly a unique experience.

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